I opened my first blog when I was in school. I wrote about things that cause me a lot of laughter today. He collected journals, documented experiences, wrote prayers, prayer requests and scattered thoughts. I still have some of them because sometimes they serve to remind me of the faithfulness and mercy of God.

While walking to adulthood I kept writing in my diaries, but my love for the blogosphere went to sleep. The dream was very long but it woke up in 2010 when I started reading the Revive Our Hearts blog and after a few years the blogger in me found her home in Aviva Nuestros Corazones. There I had the opportunity to exercise my digital muscles while my fingers and my heart slide through the keyboard. Making mistakes, learning from those who know and trying to focus my words and my life in the Gospel, I keep walking through this virtual world.

So, after having my blog closed for "a couple" of years, I decided to open it in order to use it as a virtual notebook, to share personal experiences and those less formal things that I would not share in the blogs where I normally contribute and also for Collect some articles, already written, that define me and are special for me.

All this to say that this blog is not a ministry in itself, it does not have an established publication frequency, it is simply ...

a virtual journal in which I want to share a little more about myself and the hope that sustains my faith.